BitVote Illustration containing an oversized voting ballot, with two blockchains on to the side, one with a blue vote and one with a red vote. Illustrative digital connections on the back.

Election integrity needs election technology

Gleipnir's blockchain voting technology enhances election integrity in ways that voting laws can't.


The Benefits Of Gleipnir's patented technology

Voting ballot with republican elected official with arrow pointing to encrypted block to be added to a blockchain

Gleipnir records anonymous paper ballots on a vote blockchain. Gleipnir's technology can be incorporated into existing voting machines so there will be no change to the voting process from the voters' perspectives.

Republican voter viewing his vote on his cellphone. This information is available only to them

Voters can verify that their vote was counted—and counted correctly—by finding their vote in the blockchain using an anonymous receipt.

US Map with floating encrypted blockchain votes that display a voter's face as a lock. They are all connected.

Gleipnir encrypts and distributes the blockchain. With thousands of redundant copies, no one can alter vote logs, and anyone can verify results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is always to make Gleipnir's technology accessible and easy to understand for all voters. That's why we compiled a list of questions that will help understand our technology quickly.

What's a Gleipnir?
How is Gleipnir Anonymous?
How is Gleipnir Transparent?
How is Gleipnir Secure?
What have Experts Said about Blockchain Voting?
Does Gleipnir Change the Voting Experience?
Gleipnir Technologies illustration represented by blocks with silhouettes of people (red, blue and green colored), stack on top of each other creating a blockchain

trust in elections is declining.
gleipnir can bring it back.

Election integrity is a nonpartisan issue at the foundation of representative government.
Gleipnir's technology restores voter confidence, cuts off allegations of fraud, and guarantees that the right to vote means more than just the right to drop a paper in a box.

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